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Finnish Center
for Safe AI  

Tutke promotes safe artificial intelligence

Tutke is an interdisciplinary and non-profit network. We promote scientific understanding of the safe development of artificial intelligence and support the research and regulation leading to it.

Artificial intelligence has developed enormously. Today, AI is able to have a human conversation, solve mathematical problems, program and create art and realistic images. All this has become possible only in recent years.


The goal of leading artificial intelligence research centers and companies is to develop general artificial intelligence that surpasses human abilities in all tasks. No one can predict future developments for sure, but according to several experts, the creation of artificial general intelligence is likely this century. When machines reach human level intelligence, development can accelerate even more.


The result would be a huge change, similar to or greater than the industrial revolution in the 19th century. If society manages to navigate change well, it could bring abundance and solutions to humanity's biggest problems. If we fail, it could lead to an extreme concentration of power. In the worst case scenario, we lose control of AI systems. Unable to control beings with abilities far greater than our own, we would lose the opportunity to decide our own future.


It is important that we act to understand and prevent AI threats. This requires wide-ranging cooperation between researchers from different fields, technology companies, and decision-makers.


Tutke advances the development of safe artificial intelligence by organizing events and programs.

Founding members

Kaj Sotala

Kaj Sotala started work on AI safety in 2012 and has since authored several papers on the subject. He has been a Research Fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and a Researcher at the Foundational Research Institute. Kaj has degrees in Cognitive Sciences and Computer Science from the University of Helsinki.

Onni Aarne

Onni Aarne is an Associate Researcher at Rethink Priorities, working in the AI Governance and Strategy team. He has a degree in Computer Science and Data Science from the University of Helsinki.

Olli Järviniemi

Olli Järviniemi is an independent researcher in AI safety, and has previously completed a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Turku.

Anna Katariina Wisakanto

Anna Katariina Wisakanto is a risks from global systems and AI safety researcher. She is a visiting scholar at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge.

Patrik Gayer
Policy & Communications

Patrik Gayer is Nordics and EU Data & Privacy Policy Lead at Tesla, and has previously worked as a Director at Tekir and as the Chief Operating Officer at Miltton Europe. Patrik has a degree from the University of Helsinki and is currently on leave to complete a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University.

Joonas Ollila

Joonas Ollila is a Senior Manager at twoday, and was previously the CEO of mathematical & AI optimization firm Weoptit. He has a degree in Systems Analysis and Operations Research from Aalto University.

Joel Pyykkö

Joel Pyykkö is an AI safety researcher with a Doctoral degree in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki.

Suvi Auvinen
Strategy & communications

Suvi Auvinen is a journalist, activist, and writer. She leads responsible AI strategy at Ellun Kanat, and has a Bachelor of Arts from Turku University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Arts from The University of the Arts Helsinki.

Mikko Hemmi
Funding & Strategy

Mikko Hemmi is the CEO of AI & data strategy consultancy Oikoa. He has previously founded Effective Altruism Finland ry and has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Aalto University.


Santeri Koivula
Operations Coordinator

Santeri Koivula studies Mathematics and Systems Sciences at Aalto University. He has previously interned at CERN, Aalto University, and in consulting. He also works as a Pro Forecaster at INFER.

Santeri Tani
Network Coordinator

Santeri Tani has studied Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. Previously, he has worked in robotics and machine vision for Solteq Robotics, smart contracts and future tech for Solteq Incubator, and health tech and cognitive computing research for the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim.

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